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Farang Diaries: Bangkok and Phuket 20.02.2014
Angkor Wow! 15.02.2014
Kampot Snapshot 12.02.2014
Phnom Penh Top Tenh 03.02.2014
Sightseeing and hammock swinging in Laos 29.01.2014
Luang Prabang…with a bang! 02.12.2013
The Mekong [s]low down 30.11.2013
Chiang Mai, Oh my! 28.11.2013
My Indian takeaway 24.11.2013
Taj Mahal – A love story 13.11.2013
Hit for six in Jaipur, India. 12.11.2013
Blue buildings, happy kings 04.11.2013
A Pushover for Pushkar 03.11.2013
A Gold Star for Amristar 01.11.2013
The Dalai Lama's people 30.10.2013
A Delhi Decathlon 14.10.2013
The Italian Job 04.10.2013
That's Amore 21.09.2013
Friend Connection UK 17.09.2013
A German Wander 12.09.2013
Out with a bang in Salvador 06.09.2013
I'm sexy and I know it: Rio de Janeiro 28.08.2013
Perfectly Paraty 20.08.2013
Chasing waterfalls 19.08.2013
My Uruguayan affair 14.08.2013
Perfecting the tango face in Buenos Aires 11.08.2013
Raising a glass to Mendoza. 05.08.2013
Chile! How cool! 03.08.2013
The curious case of Bolivia's south west 17.07.2013
An Amazon safari 21.06.2013
Experiencing the high life on Lake Titicaca 14.06.2013
Machu Picchu: The ultimate bucket list destination 06.06.2013
Cuzco’s whirling rainbows 11.05.2013
Livin' La Vida Lima 06.05.2013
An eggless Easter and a hairless dog 30.04.2013
Tomb raiding and more in Northern Peru 24.04.2013
Avoiding boy germs in Puerto Lopez 14.04.2013
Through the forest and into the mountains 01.04.2013
Kicking back in Quito 26.03.2013
Colombian chaos, coffee and cathedrals 17.03.2013
A big rock and a bloke named Pablo 22.01.2013
Shakin’ it like Shakira in Cartagena 22.12.2012
Panamania! 12.12.2012
Sloth smiles in Costa Rica 24.11.2012
Zippin' through Costa Rica 20.11.2012
Nicaragua, where nature shows off 14.11.2012
Copan, Honduras. Giddy Up! 04.11.2012
At ease in Belize 26.10.2012
Doing the Mexican Wave 19.10.2012
Viva Mexico [City!] 08.10.2012
Mezcal, Mariachi and Mole 01.10.2012
The Jungle Palace 24.09.2012
Mexico’s magical city 16.09.2012
Something about Xela 10.09.2012
Cheap thrills in Chi Chi 06.09.2012
Life in a Guatemalan pyramid 03.09.2012
San Marcos: the ultimate hippie hangout 24.08.2012
Parades, Pacaya and people we'll miss 02.08.2012
Learning la lengua in Antigua 19.07.2012
The week we left our hearts in San Francisco 08.07.2012
Savaii: the new Hawaii 26.06.2012
On the road in Upolu 18.06.2012
Happy 50th Samoa!! 16.06.2012
Man, oh Manono! 30.05.2012
3,2,1 blastoff! 29.05.2012
Saying adios amigos is tough… 20.05.2012